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Year: 2016

Brand: Hustler

Model: Super 104, 931733

Deck Size:  104 Inch

Hours:  962* New Engine Installed

Engine: Kawasaki FX1000V 35 HP

Additional Features:  Suspension Seat, Electronic deck lift

NEW: Blades,Engine, Tires


2016 Hustler Super 104 Wide Area Zero Turn Mower

SKU: 585
  • Hi, I'm selling my 2016 Hustler Zero Turn Mower with a wide 104 inch deck. It's the biggest Wide Area Mower Zero Turn that Hustler has. It is a Super 104 to be more specific the model is: 934729.
    The mower has a strong Brand New Kawasaki FX1000V Horsepower Engine. We Just replaced the engine so that we can sell it, as a refurbished unit, we also replaced the hour meter along with the engine. The mower is in great shape though. It starts right up and the engine and transmission both sound/feel great. 

    The mower has a 11mph forward speed.
    The Mower is about 105" wide when wings are down and 72.5" when their up
    It has a Hydraulic Powered Deck lift, which means you can raise and lower the deck with a push of a button.
    Comfy Suspension seat
    Good/great Condition Overall
    Even has a cup holder so even you can drink and drive (beverage can be included at your request)

    The Four Mower Tires are brand new. I've also just replaced the blades. We replaced some of the deck belts. The belts, battery and all the Spindles are all in good condition. This mower is in good working order mows well, runs and drives great. Its ready to be put to work. No Oil Leaks and of course no air leaks. Its been refurbished and everything is running great. The hustler was also given a new paintjob also, to complete the refurbish process.

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