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Welcome to the Sesmas Mowers inc Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients all in one place. Check them out below, maybe you’ll find answers to your questions! Should you have any other questions that we may have missed, do not hesitate to reach out.

What is your return policy?

We unfortunately don't accept returns. If you are unsatisfied with your mower, then we can try to exchange the mower to one of similar value. The mower must be returned within 2 days or used for less than a few hours. Sesmas Mowers holds the final decision, in whether to accept exchanges.

Do you offer delivery service?

We can deliver if you are located 15 miles or closer to our location. If you are located farther than 15 miles, then we have tow truck drivers that can deliver , however this is a third party service and the price of delivery is handled and set directly with them.

Can I place a down payment on an item online and pick it up at the store?

Yes, if you see a mower that you like you are more than welcome to contact us in order to set the mower to the side. However we recommend seeing the mower in-person first before placing a down-payment, as they are non-refundable. The down payment is non-refundable, but can be transferred onto another mower if you change your mind.

What Warranty is offered with the purchase of a mower.

While the mowers are sold without any full Warranties , similar to other Dealerships. I can help you out with 30 Days of free labor. If anything happens to the mower, just bring it back and we can take care of it.

Do you do repairs on residential mowers?

Unfortunately, due to being low on staff, we are only working service orders for mowers purchased at this location only. Any other will have to be turned down in an effort to keep mower return time low.

Do we sell Parts?

We don't specialize in parts but we do carry the most common parts needed for John Deere and Exmark. We price match the dealership when it comes to prices. Feel free to check in and see if we have a part in stock. We Don't carry parts for small residential mowers.

If something happens to the mower that i purchased can you guys repair it?

Yes! While our service center is closed to the public, once you become one of our clients you can bring your mower and we can fix it. We are closed to the public in order to keep return times same day or next day ( if we have the parts). Since were closed to the public you don't have to worry about long return times.

Do you accept AG Exempt certificates?

Yes! we accept AG, Timber , Resale, and Non profit tax exemptions. We accept any legal way to make your purchase a tax-exempt one, we are willing to accept it.

How Firm Are you Prices

Each Price has diffrent flexibilities, some are firm while others are more flexible. Feel free to ask, or if you want to leave an offer please leave one on the "Lets Chat " bubble along with the tag # of the mower. Or if you want to call feel free to call us and we can negotiate.

I Don't see a mower I like, Can I request a mower?

Yes, please leave me a message on the "Lets Chat " bubble with the Mower you are interested in. The Request doesn't have to be exact, it can be as vauge as the deck size or model. Ill promptly get back to you and let you know what i can do. We Mostly Focus on Commercial Equipment but every so often we receive residential mowers as trade in that Don't go on here. Feel free to leave a request for a mower no listed. And ill search our network for something that could fit.

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