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Year: 2022

Brand: John Deere 

Model: Z920M

Deck Size:  48 Inch

Hours:  210

Engine: Kawasaki FX730V 23.5 HP

Additional Features: Mulching Kit, Suspension Seat, Dealer Warranty Until March 2025

NEW: Blades, 


2022 John Deere Z920M 48" Zero Turn mower With Warranty

SKU: 594
  • Hi guys I have a like new John Deere Z920M Commercial Zero Turn Mower. The Mower is a 2022 year model, it still has 1 year left of dealer warranty left on it. The Dealer warranty is valid until April 1st, 2025. The Mower has a 48" Deck with a mulching kit installed. We just installed brand new tired in the back, the flat free wheels in the front are also in great shape. The Mower has a strong Kawasaki FX730V Engine which has 23.5HP, Which is plenty of power for a 48" Deck. I also have the floor mat for the mower so it doesn't get as dirty. The mower has only 208 Hours on it.  The Mower is still in great condition and has been well maintained. The mower still has Dealer warranty until March of next year(or 1200 hours, which ever comes first). Tambien Hablamos Espanol.

     I have a new set of blades that I plan on giving with the mower. I can install them or you can take them with you to save when its current blades wear out. The mower has the much needed suspension seat installed which makes using the mower and bumpy terrain so much easier and its just more comfortable in general. The mower has a mulching kit installed on it but if you'd like i can have it removed and install one of the plastic discharge chutes. The Engine and Transmission are both still in Great shape. These mowers last around 3000 hours you can see i also have a bunch of Z920M's with above 2500 hours so this one will still last a long time. It still has all original paint on the mower, but if you'd like me to refurbish it with a new paint job just let me know. I'm very confident in the mowers condition. If anything happens to the mower within the mowers warranty, you can take it to any John Deere Dealership and they can work on it. It's still in great shape however so I doubt you will have any issues with it.

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