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Recently Added Mowers

Here We will organize the mowers that have been added to the website within the past 30 Days, so that frequent checkers can have a convenient page to see what's new. We carry most brands from John Deere, Exmark, Toro, Gravely, Hustler, Ferris, and more. Check in every so often to see what is in stock, as we receive new mowers on a bi-weekly to monthly basis. We add the mowers onto the website as they are ready to sell. They will be added onto this page about a day before they are then also added to their proper Brand Page, so this is where to look if you want to have first picks on mowers.  ( We do sometimes have more residential sized mowers for sale also that aren't posted onto the website , feel free to call us and see what we have available,(817) 353-1813)

2015 Hustler Super 104" Wide Area Zero Turn Mower

Year: 2015

Brand: Hustler

Model: Super 104 (931733)

Deck Size:  104 Inch

Hours:   1522 Hours

Engine: Kawasaki FX1000V 35 HP

Additional Features: Electronic deck lift, 

NEW: Rear Tires and Front Caster Wheels


Added 11/19

$3700 (sold)

2018 John Deere Z930M 54" Zero Turn Mower

Year: 2018

Brand: John Deere

Model: Z930M

Hours:  2460.5 Hours

Engine: Kawasaki 

Additional Features: Mulching Plate, 

NEW: Tires, blades, 


Added 3/4


2018 Exmark 32" Metro S-Series Walk-Behind Mower, Kawasaki

Year: 2018

Brand: Exmark 

Model: MGS481GKA322P0 (Metro S-Series)

Deck Size:  32 Inch

Hours: N/A (Doesn't have hour meter from factory)

Engine: Kawasaki FS481V 16 HP


Added 11/19

$2000 (Sold 11/30)

Toro Turbo Force 36" Walk Behind Mower

Brand: Toro

Model: TurboForce 36(30094)

Deck Size:  36 Inch

Hours: N/A

Engine: Kawasaki FH430V

Features: T-Bar Handles, Belt Driven


Added 11/19


2013 Scag V-Ride 36" Stand-on Mower

Year: 2013

Brand: Scag 

Model: SVR36A-19FX (Turf Tiger)

Deck Size:  36 Inch

Hours: N/A

Engine: Kawasaki FX600V 19HP

Additional Features: Both Electric And recoil Start!

NEW: Tires


Added 11/19


2015 Toro Z-Master 48" Zero Turn Mower

Year: 2015

Brand: Toro

Model: 74141  (2000 Series Z-Master) 

Deck Size:  48 Inch

Hours:   1493 Hours

Engine: Kawasaki FX651V 20.5 HP


Added 11/19


2019 Exmark Turf Tracer X-Series 60" Walk Behind Mower

Year: 2019

Brand: Exmark

Model: TTX650EKC604N0

Deck Size:  60 Inch

Hours:   920 Hours

Engine: Kohler ECV650


Added 3/4


2019 Exmark S-Series 72" Zero turn Mower

Year: 2019

Brand: Exmark

Model: LZS749AKC72400

Deck Size:  72 Inch

Hours: (1020 Mowing Hours )1483.3 Total

Engine: Kohler ECV749 27HP Engine

NEW: Blades, Rear Tires,Deck Wheels, 


Added 3/4

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